Im still here

Here I am with Drunken DJ Alvena at Galaxy Rock, where I will be hosting on Tuesday and Wednesday at noon as from next year :)

RL has taken a lot of time lately, but I will be more in world during the week, after teh holidays. The weekends are for my RL tho :)

TC and CUzoen :)

All white... uhm.. all???

Therer was an all white event at SR and Alvena made me wear white. She was hosting it, so I did not dare to say no :)) Eventually even Morgan changed.:

Mia octavis, Darien Kazakov, Morgan Pooks and Cats kornfeld.
On the stairs in the background Knoppy Schnook.

and later, even he was wearing white:

It was awsome as always Darien & Zakora where the well deserved winners :) Darien made the pictures and sent them around, I promised to blog them, so here we go. :)

Bookends and a girls line


Drake Czervik, Cats Konfeld & Remi Lycheborne

A girls line:

Cats Kornfeld, Kinu Mayako, Jen Tone, Tempest Levenque & Rudhmellowen Laguna

Bravo Nishi is sitting on the stairs, he refused to put on a dress so he was not allowed in the line :) Later he and Rhialto Wilder joined us, even without wearing a dress.

Club True Blood

Yesterday I went to Club True Blood. There was a Red event and I like any excuse to wear my red dress from Linc and my red Ving boots from Shiny things. (no urls, cozz im not iw right now to look them up) I'm starting to work here as a host as of next Saturday (so I thought, but I'll tell you about that in a minute).

Since I've been seriously cleaning up my PC - a deep clean, including the registry - and I'm on the latest Emerald viewer now (lubs it soo much), I decided to try and take some pictures. I only crashed twice, so that went pretty wel *lol* And I got me some nice snapshots.

Here is the slide:

Now about the hosting. I was supposed to start Saturday. I'm working the 12-2 PM SLT shift. Purrfect time for me, since thats my 9-11 PM. So while I was having fun yesterday being a guest at True blood, I got an Im from Hope, 3 minutes before the next event was going to start: Would I please host. I went like HELP! I don't have my spam-gestures, dont have my notecard prepared, oh and how does this board operate, and.. and.. and.. And I said : "Sure hunni, I'll host" ^.^ Squeek ^.^
 Luckely Jada was still there and she gave me the gestures, Indira Wobbit was my DJ and she helped me a lot too and Hope handled the board untill I have managing rights on it. The event was "Come as you are", so I stayed in my smexy red dress. Tempest came to my event too and all in all I had a great time.
 I did not dare to take any pictures, because I did not want to risk crashing. So the slide above is the only one I have to show for now.  I hope to see you Saterday at Club True Blood, IM me for a LM if you want to join the fun :)

Mischievously dressie

This is me in a dress called Mischievous Dressie.

Skin: [rQ] Skin~Pale@TYPE.o7-L.o7
Hair: Amrita Prim hair [Aideen] black
Dress: Paradisis Mischievous Dressie: Black
Gloves: Paradisis Pure black
Socks: League Ella stockings Naturals Black - Black Garter
Boots: Shiny Things Ving boots black
Jewelery: LouLou & Co Nostalgia necklace & bracelets

Midget time

Look what I found on my computer:

Left to right: Contessa Benford, Remi Lycheborne, Cats Kornfeld, Drake Czervik, Pussywillow Magic & Noodle Xi

The picture I thought lost, Drake and Noodle being midgets.. The skeery midgets :) It was on my computer after all.

Maffia & PJ Party.

I've been in Sanctuary a lot these past few days. Here you see how the maffia has arrived at Sanct during a Leather event (I think it was a leather event):

Left to right: Cats Kornfeld, Drake Czervik, Noodle Xi & Pussywillow Magic

Puss called us Twazzinkies. I have no idea what it means, its not in my Collins and Google does not have a clue either. So she claimed the word as hers, and put it in her profile. Go stalk her when you see her in SR. :D

Somehow I lost my ability to make pictures and I cannot take them anymore, without crashing hard. Too bad, 'cause I made some great ones - or so I thought - of Drake and Noods go Midget sized. They where smaller then me, now how scary is that? Puss wanted to keep them and take them home, I was just glad to be able to stand next to my giant-friend Remi.

Last night we had a PJ-party. Tempest Levenque made pictures and sent soem to me. So these are hers in the slideshow:

Thats it for now. Im going to try to fix my snapshot-fail

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Shrinking, growing, red, white and blue fun

Today I humped on Noodle Xi's chim after he kicked me in the back a few times. Dancing in sync is much more safer for Midgets I found out :) Noodle found out how "small" I am in SL. I, however keep telling people I'm fun sized and they are all giants, but nevertheless.

So he thought to "feel" what is was to be a midget like me and see here:

I went like EEEEeeeeeeew! thats scary! Lucky for me he got back to his normal giant size, after I told him to do so. (lol)

A few minutes later Miss Alvena slapped his back too and we went all red white and blue.. sort of :)

Anyways I had - yet again - a blast in Sanctuary Rock, almost spit my drinks on the screen again several times and went to bed way too late.

Bookends or sandwich; Part 2

Remember my post about bookends or sandwich?

Well this morning (thats my morning, which is midnight in SL) I was in the middle. So I called Bravo Nishi and FaQue Suppenkraut my bookends:

left to right: Bravo Nishi, Cats Kornfeld & FaQue Suppenkraut

I believe they though they had me sandwiched. But hey, they are guys.. I let them believe that. Meanwhile I was enjoying these georgious guys dancing on my huddle :) Midnight @ Sanctuary Rock: alway a fun time.

Picture Time

Soo.. I've been shopping and got me an awsome sweater from LeeZu Baxter and I decided to go to Alvena's studio to play with the backgrounds and take pictures.
This one turned out not so bad:

Style card:
Skin: [rQ] - Pale
Hair: [rQ] - Noise Onyx/ash
Sweater: LeeZu Baxter - WoodPulli FRENCH/black
Pants: SU - Lionight pant black
Boots: Shiny Things - Ving boots Black
Necklace: Flipside - Jeweled Pentagram Necklet
Lip piercing:
Passione Questi - Triple Lip Ring

After a while Lynx joined me again and I took out my "Moments" animated posebals from Bits&Bobs

We had a blast while I was snapping some shots:

Lynx is wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ewan tan 4
Hair: Truth - Damien Night
Neckale: Collision - Legion Necklace
Pants, Boots, Belt, Tattoo and Wristband all part from outfit: K&L Razor Neko Outfit. He told me a lady-friend gave it to him and he did not get the LM :D

Club Bloodstorm

I was up really, really late last night and I blame Remi Lycheborne. He told me he was hosting at this club and asked me to come, I would "really like it" he said. So I stayed up till 4 pm SLT, that's my 1 am .

But he was right: I did have a great time. DJ Louie Starostin spinned awsome tunes, Remi was a great host and I had some really good laughs. I almost spit my whiskey on my screen several times. :)

I took some snapshots, They may be a little dark, but the best way to view the club is at midnight:

Go have a look at Club Bloodstorm yourself, I promiss, you'll like it. Really :)

Morgan & Jigzz weddingparty

Morgan Pookes and Jiggz Hazelnut got married last week, but due to circumstances most of the wedding guests (including me) were not able to come, so Sully Birkenfeld decided to throw them a surprise party. And a party it was, and a surprise it was.

Here is the guestlist:
Alex Glass
Alvena Weezles
Ariella Astonia (who was DJing)
Boost Mighty
Cats Kornfeld
Devan Michalski
Foxyfire Selfridge
Joppem Tulip
Lana Valeeva
Leetah Mackay
Lizbeth Divine
Ruby Darkes
Shadowlight Swords
Spider1959 Weatherwax
Stellie Hazelnut
Sully Birkenfeld
Veronica Hartford

I took some snapshots:

It was a great party, I had to leave before it ended, but I did have fun, even in my formal gown Alvena forced me to wear :)

I played in Alvena's studio

Me getting carried away by Lynx Suppenkraut. Thnx for the help hunni. :)

Too bad it has a black background and I don't know anything of Photoshop (yet..., I'm still planning to learn it.. sometime). I tried something with a magic wand, but the program wants me to reinstall itself, 'coss it ain't working. I better ask Alvena, my photoshop-wizzard :)

This one is brighter and I like it very much. Have you seen my shoes? I'm going to wear them at a wedding later today. I hope they will let me in :)

Style card:

Skin: Belleza - Ewan tan 4
Tattoo: BiSensual Tattoo - TribalCross 2
Hat: S/D - hat1 (no SLurl, he forgot where he got it)
Hair: Truth - Damien
pants: FriXion - Dragon's Breath Leather pants
boots: TonkTastic - Thunderdom boots

Skin: [rQ] Pale
Hair: Sky Everett Designs - Temptress Red Sparrow
Dress: Yuli - Black evening gown
Stockings: Deviance - Flirt stockings
Shoes: UN - Dolly Goth Chunky Spy pumps, plain black
Bracelet & Necklace: LouLou&Co - Nostalgia set
Garter: LouLou&Co - Garter Rosa Crux

Bookends or sandwich?

From left to right: Cats Kornfeld, Remi Lycheborne and Kinu Mayako.
Remi said: "Look at my bookends." Kinu and I said: "Look we sandwiched the giant."

But we all agreed we had fun - as always - at Sanctuary Rock :)
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After days of not being able to TP I tried again this morning. Tried different viewers, and still no luck. Then I decided to change, cozz 4 days in the same clothes is no fun either.

After what inventory cleaning I suddenly realized I had to pay my tier. So I tried to TP once more and - O mircle! - it worked. So I payed my tier and then I tried to TP to [rQ], because I read there was a new skin, called Lust. And o.O. That worked too.

I payed L$4950,-- for the fat pack, with 7 make-ups. every makeup contains lota of variations: with hair base, without, both with dark and light brows, and without a hairbase, also with dark and light brows and with or without a tattoo, still a little red.

Here is the one with the great face tattoo/makeup around the eys:

Isn't it georgious??
BTW: have a look at Alvena's blog. She made some awsome pictures from me too this morning. :)
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Strike a pose...

Just when I was about to log and get some RL things done, Alveena IMed me, telling me she bought a fatpack of skins. She also told me how much L$$ she spent, but I'm not telling :).

So I told her to TP me and show me, when she was just about to do so. She invited me on her land and the skin she showed was awsome.

But then she showed me her foto studio and told me I could use it. ANYTIME! Whenever I wanted to, whether she was IW or not... So I tried it out and look at me! :)

After that she TP-ed me to her 'secret room' and there too are nice scene's with poses.

I truly liked this one:

So.. Cats has a new addiction: taking pictures in a photo studio. Maybe I will start learning to use my Photoshop Elements 7.0 too now :)

But now I really need to get my RLstuff done :)

Girlband @ Sanctuary rock

We had a lot of fun last night at Sanctuary Rock. When Tempest and Rudh were dancing together, I joined Tempests chim and then she started talking we looked like Bananarama. Soon Contessa joined us and we became The Spice Girls.. or not? I decided against Cats Chorus, 'coss Temp was the tallest and she is bossy, she should be band leader, as she is also the leader of the Brit Army. *grins*

After a while Sorvena joid us too and then we became a girlband of 5. RL bands keep loosing their members, we were a growing band :)

Anyway, I know Temp was making pictures too, so keep an eye on her blog too. I bet you can read more about it, and also about this whole Brit-army-thingy she has going on. :)

Sale @ Sn@tch

So.. its sale @ Sn@tch. I wish I did'nt know.. because I kept on buying and buying and OMGs I spend a lot of L$$

I'm wearing some of my new goodies here:

Outfit all from Sn@tch:
Dirty Ego fishnet tights & black shorts

Slick leather leggings
With the band jean jacket open black
Misfit boots
Eye of Isis Ankh pendant

Hair: *SG* JJon black

Pose: model pose 22 also Sn@tch

Want to know what else I got? Have a look at my Flickr. I uploaded (parts of) the vendor pictures there :)

The Edge

RileyJane, Devils, Metal, Ella (*yay* she is BacK!) Joker, Spider and me having fun on voice @ The Edge.

It was so good to see Ella again :)


Two months ago I bought the hair Crush from [rQ] and ever since I was drooling over the clothes that were in the picture. Lucky for me Bellatrix Makes style cards in her blog, with SLurls so yesterday I went shopping and this is my result:

Hair: Crush (Onyx/Teal) from Red Queen
Skin: Star Peach MU13b FR from Dutch Touch
Tattoo: Half tribal Full Body Low Tan from Addixion

Corset: Flirtatious (Blue and Teal) from Deviance
Underwear: Sexy Secretary (Part of an outfit) from Deviance
Bolero: Curse Cut Top (Black) from Paradisis
Stockings: Knit stockings (black) from RunoRuno
Boots: Stompers from The Abyss
Pose: Angeline Jolie 8 from Striking Poses

Jello'ed @ Sanctuary Rock

Yesterday we had a Red event at Sanctuary Rock.

Joppem showed up as a Harry-Potter-look-a-like complete with a huge Hedwig. After some "Expectum Patronum" spells he turned jello. Literally.

I was dancing near him and all of a sudden I found myself totally covered with the sticky stuff.

I blame Tempest, she asked Jopp whether he tought if I would totally disappear when he would dance closer to me.. And I did.

An ordinary evening @ Club Retribution

Tempest told us she was AFK for about 30 mins. To be sure is was only 30 minutes, Six put her into an Hourglass:
And ok, breathing was a bit difficult:
But she got back in time. :)
We had a blast. Reb was also at Retribution, or was he??.
To me he was a bit invisible for a while. He came back to his handsome self, just before he poofed out :)

It was a great event and although I'm not working there at the moment (I'm having a sabbatical) I still come there and have a lot of fun.

Dreaming my dreams...

While I was hunting the Second Life Discovery Hunt I TP-ed in this place that kept me there for almost an hour. I found the item to be found pretty quickly, but OMg what an awsome place.
When you can, go have a look at the Shabby Sheek Shed Co. at Etheria. Lots a very nice and very awsome sheds and green houses.

When I saw this green house I knew I wanted it. So I came back several times and today I bought one. This one:

I also made my first build: - not counting the rock I made once - a potting table. I quit like it, for a first it's not that bad :)

So after remodeling my land, preparing the soil I sat on my deck and started dreaming about lots and lots of plants.

I guess this is a nice view while dreaming my dreams :)