Picture Time

Soo.. I've been shopping and got me an awsome sweater from LeeZu Baxter and I decided to go to Alvena's studio to play with the backgrounds and take pictures.
This one turned out not so bad:

Style card:
Skin: [rQ] - Pale
Hair: [rQ] - Noise Onyx/ash
Sweater: LeeZu Baxter - WoodPulli FRENCH/black
Pants: SU - Lionight pant black
Boots: Shiny Things - Ving boots Black
Necklace: Flipside - Jeweled Pentagram Necklet
Lip piercing:
Passione Questi - Triple Lip Ring

After a while Lynx joined me again and I took out my "Moments" animated posebals from Bits&Bobs

We had a blast while I was snapping some shots:

Lynx is wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ewan tan 4
Hair: Truth - Damien Night
Neckale: Collision - Legion Necklace
Pants, Boots, Belt, Tattoo and Wristband all part from outfit: K&L Razor Neko Outfit. He told me a lady-friend gave it to him and he did not get the LM :D

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Suiren said...

The last one's just too cute <3

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