New look

Yesterday I bought 2 (yes Two) new skins at Dutch Touch
I have the new skin called Star and I could not choose between the MU5 and the MU13 I'm wearing the MU13b here the one with freckles. I soo love that.

I also visited red Queen [rQ] for new hair. And again I got 2. Lazy and this one called Crush.

Soo let me tell you what you see here:

skin: Dutch Touch Star Peach MU13b FR
hair: [rQ] Crush ~ ONYX/STERLING
eyes: Avid Pale green eyes
ears: Brat Designs: chained Skulls- twitchy

nose piercing: AVZ Skull nose piercing with chain
lip piercing: DK piercings Mouth rings and spikes (no SLurl, sorry)

top: Dutch Touch TankTop Print Olive green
armwarmers: RunoRuno ~ Zipper Jacket armwarmers

Invent cleaning

Noooo not mine. *lol* My friend Linde needed a clean up. Me and June helped her by telling what to keep and what to loose.. She made a nice start, but I bet we'll be gathering again some time soon :) Oh and we told her to keep what she is wearing on the picture :)

BTW I have 3 shifts now at Club Retribution:
Monday 2PM-4PM SLT
Tuesday 12PM-2PM SLT
Wednesday 2PM-4PM SLT
come check us out when you can :)