New Job

Oh did I mention I have a new job? I host at Club Retribution now. Owned by Fury Aeon & Six DeSantis-Aeon.

See, my name is on the dancefloor :D

Come visit us:

For now you can find me there on Tuesday 2-4 Pm SLT but Six is trying to get me some more shifts :)

RezzDay Party

Here are some pictures from my awsome Rezzday Party:

The courage drink be4 the guests arrive

The hideously dancefloor turns out to be awsome when put under water.

Dance, dance dance on the awsome tunes Ryun spun for us

Ella made me blow out the candles...

I did a great "Blow Job" *LOL*

I had a great time.

Thank you Hugh, Lana, Mayala, Metal, Eyekon, Kiki & Erika For making this a great party. Special thanks to my "Lekker Ding" Ryun for DJ-ing for me.

But this all would not be possible without the organisation, making the awsome invites, and the shank-you note, the decorations, cake, champagne and whiskey. All done by my best friend, my babe, my love scene #2 partner Ella. Thank you so much for twisting my arm and let you do this babe.

I love you to pieces :)

Happy Rezzday Cats...

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd is my Rezzday. 1 year in SL.. and look at me :)

My noob look

New hair, skin and I discovered BareRose, still one of my fav. shops

My first attempt to make a nice profile picture.. damn I look serious.

White hair.. also not bad

My punk camping days..

On being Neko.. I like this look

Hot in Red.

And this is my usual look..

But then again, I easily change hair as I change boots.. and you've only seen a few of them so far. :) I have honestly have no idea wether I have more hair or more boots.. but I think the amount is not far apart.

My best friend Ella (Ellari) Burner is organizing a party for me at my place tomorrow. Ryun Dezno is going to DJ for us and if you want to come over and are not yet invited.. IM me or Ella. We TP you over. It starts around noon SLT.

These are a few of my favorite.....

Boots.. yes I admit.. I am addicted.

Oh and yes, these are truely a few.. I have more... lots more
/me grins

Unemployed @ SL

Today I quit my jobs at CrusFX...

I decided to only quit my managing jobs, but then got in some heated argument with one of the assistent managers and I decided thats it, I quit. I've been working my ass of last week to help the club as much as I could, and still he managed to tell me he was doing half my job...

I dont like that, not when I spend every SL-second in the club, hosting more shifts then I usually do, asking hosts to help out, IM them, making the dailey every day, with all alternations... while paying L$2200 per week for my island and not being able to spend any time on it. So I left.. and for the record, I'm so pissed, I will never ever set foot in that place again..

So.. I'm out of a job, unemployed so to speak *lol* but, no worries, I will find a new one, coss there is just 1 thing I'm absolutely sure of: I am a hell of a host, one of the best there is in SL :)

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