Bookends and a girls line


Drake Czervik, Cats Konfeld & Remi Lycheborne

A girls line:

Cats Kornfeld, Kinu Mayako, Jen Tone, Tempest Levenque & Rudhmellowen Laguna

Bravo Nishi is sitting on the stairs, he refused to put on a dress so he was not allowed in the line :) Later he and Rhialto Wilder joined us, even without wearing a dress.

Club True Blood

Yesterday I went to Club True Blood. There was a Red event and I like any excuse to wear my red dress from Linc and my red Ving boots from Shiny things. (no urls, cozz im not iw right now to look them up) I'm starting to work here as a host as of next Saturday (so I thought, but I'll tell you about that in a minute).

Since I've been seriously cleaning up my PC - a deep clean, including the registry - and I'm on the latest Emerald viewer now (lubs it soo much), I decided to try and take some pictures. I only crashed twice, so that went pretty wel *lol* And I got me some nice snapshots.

Here is the slide:

Now about the hosting. I was supposed to start Saturday. I'm working the 12-2 PM SLT shift. Purrfect time for me, since thats my 9-11 PM. So while I was having fun yesterday being a guest at True blood, I got an Im from Hope, 3 minutes before the next event was going to start: Would I please host. I went like HELP! I don't have my spam-gestures, dont have my notecard prepared, oh and how does this board operate, and.. and.. and.. And I said : "Sure hunni, I'll host" ^.^ Squeek ^.^
 Luckely Jada was still there and she gave me the gestures, Indira Wobbit was my DJ and she helped me a lot too and Hope handled the board untill I have managing rights on it. The event was "Come as you are", so I stayed in my smexy red dress. Tempest came to my event too and all in all I had a great time.
 I did not dare to take any pictures, because I did not want to risk crashing. So the slide above is the only one I have to show for now.  I hope to see you Saterday at Club True Blood, IM me for a LM if you want to join the fun :)

Mischievously dressie

This is me in a dress called Mischievous Dressie.

Skin: [rQ] Skin~Pale@TYPE.o7-L.o7
Hair: Amrita Prim hair [Aideen] black
Dress: Paradisis Mischievous Dressie: Black
Gloves: Paradisis Pure black
Socks: League Ella stockings Naturals Black - Black Garter
Boots: Shiny Things Ving boots black
Jewelery: LouLou & Co Nostalgia necklace & bracelets

Midget time

Look what I found on my computer:

Left to right: Contessa Benford, Remi Lycheborne, Cats Kornfeld, Drake Czervik, Pussywillow Magic & Noodle Xi

The picture I thought lost, Drake and Noodle being midgets.. The skeery midgets :) It was on my computer after all.

Maffia & PJ Party.

I've been in Sanctuary a lot these past few days. Here you see how the maffia has arrived at Sanct during a Leather event (I think it was a leather event):

Left to right: Cats Kornfeld, Drake Czervik, Noodle Xi & Pussywillow Magic

Puss called us Twazzinkies. I have no idea what it means, its not in my Collins and Google does not have a clue either. So she claimed the word as hers, and put it in her profile. Go stalk her when you see her in SR. :D

Somehow I lost my ability to make pictures and I cannot take them anymore, without crashing hard. Too bad, 'cause I made some great ones - or so I thought - of Drake and Noods go Midget sized. They where smaller then me, now how scary is that? Puss wanted to keep them and take them home, I was just glad to be able to stand next to my giant-friend Remi.

Last night we had a PJ-party. Tempest Levenque made pictures and sent soem to me. So these are hers in the slideshow:

Thats it for now. Im going to try to fix my snapshot-fail

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Shrinking, growing, red, white and blue fun

Today I humped on Noodle Xi's chim after he kicked me in the back a few times. Dancing in sync is much more safer for Midgets I found out :) Noodle found out how "small" I am in SL. I, however keep telling people I'm fun sized and they are all giants, but nevertheless.

So he thought to "feel" what is was to be a midget like me and see here:

I went like EEEEeeeeeeew! thats scary! Lucky for me he got back to his normal giant size, after I told him to do so. (lol)

A few minutes later Miss Alvena slapped his back too and we went all red white and blue.. sort of :)

Anyways I had - yet again - a blast in Sanctuary Rock, almost spit my drinks on the screen again several times and went to bed way too late.

Bookends or sandwich; Part 2

Remember my post about bookends or sandwich?

Well this morning (thats my morning, which is midnight in SL) I was in the middle. So I called Bravo Nishi and FaQue Suppenkraut my bookends:

left to right: Bravo Nishi, Cats Kornfeld & FaQue Suppenkraut

I believe they though they had me sandwiched. But hey, they are guys.. I let them believe that. Meanwhile I was enjoying these georgious guys dancing on my huddle :) Midnight @ Sanctuary Rock: alway a fun time.

Picture Time

Soo.. I've been shopping and got me an awsome sweater from LeeZu Baxter and I decided to go to Alvena's studio to play with the backgrounds and take pictures.
This one turned out not so bad:

Style card:
Skin: [rQ] - Pale
Hair: [rQ] - Noise Onyx/ash
Sweater: LeeZu Baxter - WoodPulli FRENCH/black
Pants: SU - Lionight pant black
Boots: Shiny Things - Ving boots Black
Necklace: Flipside - Jeweled Pentagram Necklet
Lip piercing:
Passione Questi - Triple Lip Ring

After a while Lynx joined me again and I took out my "Moments" animated posebals from Bits&Bobs

We had a blast while I was snapping some shots:

Lynx is wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ewan tan 4
Hair: Truth - Damien Night
Neckale: Collision - Legion Necklace
Pants, Boots, Belt, Tattoo and Wristband all part from outfit: K&L Razor Neko Outfit. He told me a lady-friend gave it to him and he did not get the LM :D