Maffia & PJ Party.

I've been in Sanctuary a lot these past few days. Here you see how the maffia has arrived at Sanct during a Leather event (I think it was a leather event):

Left to right: Cats Kornfeld, Drake Czervik, Noodle Xi & Pussywillow Magic

Puss called us Twazzinkies. I have no idea what it means, its not in my Collins and Google does not have a clue either. So she claimed the word as hers, and put it in her profile. Go stalk her when you see her in SR. :D

Somehow I lost my ability to make pictures and I cannot take them anymore, without crashing hard. Too bad, 'cause I made some great ones - or so I thought - of Drake and Noods go Midget sized. They where smaller then me, now how scary is that? Puss wanted to keep them and take them home, I was just glad to be able to stand next to my giant-friend Remi.

Last night we had a PJ-party. Tempest Levenque made pictures and sent soem to me. So these are hers in the slideshow:

Thats it for now. Im going to try to fix my snapshot-fail

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