Since I dont have neko-ears attached anymore, I can wear earrings again. So I went to Fusion (thank you Alvena) and bought these, plus the necklace too. 
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Alve and me were cheering at Tigo while he was rebuilding The Music Stage on its new sim
Shortly after this snapshot, he kicked us off, telling us this was not a chair and then he planted his own ass on it.. Men! /me rolls eyes.

Anyways, the good news is that MS is being rebuild and we can party again soon, no annoying wannabe-zens with glowing pants on dancing poles or fugly lag creating vendors nextdoor.. No. Just party like the party goddess has meant it to be :)


Look at that! Unicorn in a wheelchair, inspecting my ass..  after I told her I lost my tail.
Yes, as of yesterday I am officially not an neko anymore.. After 2+ years I felt it time for a change.
Next to me you see Ylien and Amandy and we were on the Slippers Event, where Uni was DJing. As alwys she rocked, even in a wheel chair. I was happy to see her out of it today, but alas her legs did not rezz for me... <3 u Uni you Rock ;)
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Ready for my camo-event tonight.. well my tonight. SLT is 10 am. ;)
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Picture made by Xavier Wilkinson.. 
That noob was invading my personal space.. Looks like I kicked him where it hurt :)
I sent him an IM asking politely to move a bit away from me.. it took me 2 less polite IM's to finally get him to move.
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I was barely logged in and still rezzing at my home when Alve sent me a <3 and the next thing she said was: SALE SALE SALE!!

She sent me to Truth.. and omigod it is SALE! I'm broke now.. and I blame her but look at the goodies I got :) I made another slideshow. So much fun to do :)

I got the black & white packs for all the hairs but I liked the coulours on Enix, so I got that pack too.
And just to be sure and for the record.. I blame Alvena for my now empty L$$ account.. but I still lubs her :)
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After a few days without SL (don't ask) I'm glad to be back and watch the sunrise from my home..
I even spend some good times at Sanctuary Rock. My second home :)
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Ready for the EMO-event... 
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No comment...
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So I'm not a daily blogger.. I'm still intending to go on with the 365/365 thingy. So here is todays picture

This morning I was taking a ride with my friend Zoie Shinn while all of a sudden her GF Penelope Faery started shooting paint balls at us.. Penny was a tid bit jealous of me and Zoie.. 

No worries. After that Zoie took a gun and started shooting at Penny while I looked :) It was hilarious. Thank you both for the pain in my belly from laughing so loud :)
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Today's topic during my 80's event was my ass..
Not me being blonde..
Not me wearing pink...
not me wearing skates..
no.. it was my ass... 
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No SL-picture today, this one is especially for Alvena:

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Working hard on my next post on my new laptop. 
I need more books to make it more like a library instead of a dull office..
Anyways: tap tap tap.. hear the laptop :)
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Miss Alvena sent me to the Summer of Love Fair this morning and now I'm broke.. yet again. I did get some lovely dresses and some nice items for my house. I also saw some great items not for sale at the fair, but after an 'inspect' I found the creators and hence their shops. 

In the RC-Cluster Mainstore in Salchicha Harbor I found some stilts.. I tried them on and TP'ed to Sanctuary Rock to see if I found a friend.. a GIANT friend - well most of my friends are giants anyway - and I saw Joppem Tulip standing there.. I went standing next to him and honestly, the guy is still taller then me, even with my stilts. Would you look at that:

My stilts come in various colours and they are awesome. Dancing on my hud is weird, cozz the stilts vanish in the floor, but tonight I will be hosting another accessories event, so I'll be flying & dancing and I tried that out; that works. 

Like I said I got some nice new outfits, a gun-bra (yup, no jokes here, its a bra with guns...) and some furniture.. I will take pictures and show them soon. Now I have to get my note card ready, adjust my gestures for my 10:00 am - 12:00 pm SLT shift and after that get some RL things done.

Bye for now
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022 & 023/365

See.. weekend again.. no time to post so here is another double take :)

On Saturday I pay my tier. It's very easy and I love the way its arranged: I get a warning my tier is due in a certain amount of time and then I go here and pay the screen thingy I'm standing next to. For some reason I always pick number 3 of the 5 I can choose from.

Saturday morning is Sanctuary Rock time. Mostly I dance but yesterday I was a little late so Twilight took my place. I stayed anyway to listen to Alvena's tunes and gossip with Tigo about this "eye-candy" who should be called zeman ( zebra-man) I wonder if he is wearing undies like his tattoo but I'm guessing he is wearing his tattoo as a pants layer so it will be shown over your undies, instead of on your skin.

Speaking of skin, I was showing some myself.

When Mayala crashed, she said it was because she was taking a picture from me for her July slide.
I was too hot, she claimed *lol*

Anyways.. this is it.. Tomorrow I'll be hosting the 10 am event, I'll hope to see you there :) 
Take Care,
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