I'm back :) Flu got me hard but I survived :) I'm so happy, I really missed SL, and even Tigo and his silly dances.

This morning I was at Demonic where Alvena was spinning us round and round, T made me do all the silly dances again and... I have no idea what that giant-guy is doing there.

Gods gift to men and women was there too, but he had to announce really loud that he was taken so sorry for all of us. T. told him nobody was interested in him anyway, so no need to shout right? Then he told some guy that if he was gay he would "do" him. Tigo told him again that really NOBODY was interested.. I ignored the pathetic guy after that and continued to talk Tigo out of his pants.. Not for him, trust me. He is Alve's love of her life and I'm not interfering.. no I want the pants. If I make them just a little slimmer and cut half of the legs I'm sure it would fit perfectly :) But alas.. so far no luck. maybe next time.


The flu got me.. I'll be back soon. 
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I did take a picture yesterday.. I just forgot to post it :) RL is a little more busier in the weekends then during the week.. This is me for the Heaven or Hell event. I prefer my neko look. This demon tail is crawling up between my buttocks.. very uncomfortable :)
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Okays I skipped a day already.. I was a little "under the weather" yesterday and in no mood to blog. But I will post 365 posts, just not in 365 days.. But I won't mind that :P

The pictures of today in a slide show:

I was trying out some poses from my invent and these 5 I'm going to keep from the first 25 I checked. Only a gazillion more to go...
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REZZZ damnit! :)
Yes, this too is Sanctuary Rock


Look mum, no hands! :)
It went very well and I think I will be "wearing" my pogo ball more often :)

What started out as a "slow" event turned out to be a real blast. The second hour more ppl TP-ed in the club and I had 13 voters in my  nawti-box. Something I did not expect. Maybe it was the pogo ball, maybe it was the cookies, but it went great. Except that the 2 leading men (the #1 and #2) both did not vote. The other males all had only 1 point. So I decided to let the 2 females on top with an equal amount of points win the event. Fairs is fair: "You snooze: You'll loose" So if you think "I want cookies too...", come to Sanctuary Rock. I'll be hosting and presenting cookies to my voters on Monday & Wednesday from 10 am till 12 pm.

014 and 015/365

SoooooooOkay.. I was kinda busy yesterday. After Alvena's shift at SAnctuary I TP'ed home, RL kicked in and I totally forgot to post picture 014. So here they are in one post.

So this was keeping me from SL yesterday.. The first season True Blood. It made me stay up till 1 am and this morning we finished it. 

When I logged in this evening to see what my event will be tomorrow I started practising a bit :)
So here you go 14 and 15 :)
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Do I look like a smurf?? I mean honestly???

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Joppem Tulip, me and Ylien Braveheart. Bookends or midget sandwich? LOL anyway.. Those 2 giants are my friends and we had fun at Sanct this morning.. Ylien was DJing and Jopp was waking up. It was very early for us Dutchies..  Its now 10 am as I write this. The picture was taken around 8:30 am.. But it does show the giant/midget thingy right? ;)

BTW. Miss Alvena made me a new mug shot.. she did not like the other one :) I think it's just an excuse so she could bully me around again and try out her photo studio and her new poses... :P


I had a great morning listening to Alvena's set at Demonic and talking to my long lost BFF Ellari Burner. After the set I went home and told Alve I was looking for a place to take my 11th picture in the 365-meme. She told me to go to The far Away (yes I did get the slURL today) and OMG look at this sim (click on teh picture to enlarge it):

It is awesome. Go have a look when you have the time :) When I see this I wish I had the time and patience to build myself. But I don't, so I go around, enjoy other people's work and blog about it :) 
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Do you think these come with something to stand on for the midgets.. or is it only the giants who needs to be captivated? :)

When I first came into SL I had a RL friend who showed me everything and learned me a lot. I do owe her for that. * start reading in a Ya-di-ya-di-ya tone* Then I got a SL-BF and her "jokes" weren't funny anymore and she violated our privacy arrangements and agreements like they were not meant for her, "because she was my friend, right?" Wrong! So I banned her from my land, and soon after that I moved out of her SL. I banned the BF from my SL too, but that's another story. :)* end of Ya-di-ya-di-ya..* 

Anyways. one thing she did tell me that in SL all avi's are 7' or taller. I went like WTF?? I refused to make my avi a "giant" as I called them and stayed as close as possible to my real 5'4. Cats is 5'6 I think. In edit appearance, the slider for body height is on 21. My friends know I'm the midget and there is nothing wrong with that. 
*** pokes everybody who starts saying that there is a lot wrong with being a midget, and STFU Tigo, don't even think about it... :P*** 

I did make my avi taller once, during an event in Sanctuary Rock, about a year ago. Trust me, that was scary. It is just not me, just like it is not me when I take off my tail and ears.

So I will stay my midgety self, and if necessary, I'll wear high heals.

The captivation thingy on the picture is in the Death Row Designs  sim.. and I forgot the get the Slurl.. :P


OMG I'm tooo tired for a long post.. Okays..
Have you met Rocky & Kinks yet? They roam the dance floor in Sanctuary Rock...

On the left is Kinks, on the right me trying not to kick Rocky in the shins. They are funney. They response on every sentence that has their name in it. So come join us at Sanctuary Rock and talk to Kinks and Rocky :)


Usually I look silly in a long dress or gown. This long-at-the-back-short-in-de-front-one is an exception though.
And do you see my killer-shoes? *lol*  

I might update this post with the body/clothes/accessories info later. When the heat here in The Netherlands  has lessened. This will have to do for now :p I'm off to find a place to cool a little.

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In my noobie days I went out camping to earn some L$ a lot.
Thank the goddess I god a job soon, the things I did. I mean L$3 per 15 minutes?? Seriously!
But, it does make a nice "blast from the past" picture. I might post more of them along the ride.

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Mizz Demon DJ Alvena Weezles spinning at Demonic, 

and Mr Demon Tigo Volare making me do the silly dances on his hud.

But we did have fun, as always
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005/365 Cats in Pink...

No comment :P

Skin: Plastik Lionheart Elven Desert Evil
Tattoo: Para Designs Celtic Warrior Light
Hair: Truth Damien Raven
Tail: Sassy CupCakes Tail Pink (Gift from Kinu Mayako; owner of Sassy Kitty Designs:  thnx hunni)
Ears: Sassy CupCakes Ears BlondPink (Gift from Kinu Mayako; owner of Sassy Kitty Designs:  thnx hunni)

Dress: Sassy Kitty Designs Pretty Fashion Addict Dress Pink
Socks: MIEL Jane Flower Cuff socks rose
Boots: Ducknipple YMCA boots black

JD Black Dragon sword (part of the JayDee Black Dragon DCS outfit)
0**PERTURB/ation  Affordance chain choker Midnight
DD Gothic Dagger (female) (I bought in 2008, no LM anymore; the creator maks Furse is unknown in search)
Kraftica No 306 Bracelets
Twisted & Spoiled Demon Hunter Armband (part of the Demon Hunter outfit)
Twisted & Spoiled Demon Hunter Rosary Beads (part of the Demon Hunter outfit)


Stephen and Tempest's wedding. My first in SL.
I've been making pictures and here you can see all of them.
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Knitting. I love it RL and I absolutely like it in SL too. 

At least there is one thing that's better in RL. Here I'm moving my pointy sticks.. but no progress
Ah well. can't have it all now can you?


Hosting at Sanctuary Rock

Anyone that knows me, knows how much this means to me :)
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I did not want to join the 365/365 blog meme I've seen around on blogs. But when Alvena & Tigo were complaining I did not update my blog I had to admit - reluctantly - that I stand corrected. I am a lazy blogger; I know. So I was thinking. Why do I update my RL blog (nope, no link here) more frequently then my SL blog? And it hit me. I'm into a lot of reading challenges, am a member of various communities and thus I have a lot to blog about, because people of those challenges visit my blog too, and I visit them back. It's part of the bloggoverse.

So in order to have that "stick behind the door" thingy. I'm doing the 365/365 thing. I will prolly skip a day here and there, but I will try to blog every day :) And today is a good start. Tigo and Alvena were bullying me around yesterday, because I wanted a new profile picture. I'll show you the 4 they made (each gave me 2 to pick from) and I guess you'll have to check my profile to see which I picked. Maybe you can guess who made which. No prices just fun. :)

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