When I was doing the Seasons Fall hunt today I stumbled upon a house and it made me think.. so I sat on the porch a while..

Its an awesome house not too big, but large enough for me and not expensive.. only L$1500.--- I took a picture.. off course:

I seriously like it so who knows....

I finished the hunt btw.. all I have to do now is unpack the 60 packages...


Today I got myself a new corner plot. Same size - more prims:

And I've been landscaping and moving the rest of the day & evening:

And after long and hard work, I decided to read a book:
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I'm falling in love with pink.. I have no idea where it comes from but its here.. finding more and more pink items in my inventory. I recently found these socks and I totally love them.

For shape, skin, eyes and tattoo look at my 045/365 post. It's the same.
Hair: Truth Enix - Bubblegum

Dress: Linc Chemise dress Skulls
Armwarmers: RunoRuno Zipper Jacket Armwarmers (part of the zipperjacket)
Socks: Honey kitty candy socks baby pink
Boots: Shiny things: Ving boots black

Necklace and earrings: Fusion Silver multi earrings and Cord cross multi necklace

Pose is in my PNP Model posing stand. I have no idea how or when I got that but I like it a lot :)


Yes, that pink little avi is me, having fun in the best rock club in SL: Demonic, no matter what others may say, think or dream to be. We have the best DJ's the best dancers and all that 24/7. 

But, seriously now. I think people who are throwing mud at previous clubs they worked for or people who still work for those clubs who are trying to discredit other clubs lack courtesy, or "posh". So I won't. I had some good times at some good clubs. And I miss some of it still. But throwing mud, calling people names, telling them they are idiots.. its all so easy. So I'm biting my tongue on this.  That's all I'm going to say about it. 

I love my Demonic family and being back feels like a warm bath to me. There will always be changes in staff, some DJ's and dancers might leave for reasons they seem right and they will be missed. Some won't be missed at all. And new staff will find its way to Demonic. Since yesterday we have 4 new DJ's and 2 new dancers. Even more good tunez and more fun.

My regular shifts here are Wednesday 12-2 am and Friday 10 am - 12 pm But you will see me on the pods whenever I can. Because dancing at Demonic is not "working";  it's having fun with friends and family :) So come on over when you feel like it and join the fun. 

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I felt like doing a "fashion" picture today :)

Shape: cagegirl shape - sexy Biatch (modified to my liking. I got this shape when I was 10 days old.)
Eyes by LL - sunny glade medium
Skin: The Plastik Lionheart - Desert - freck
Tattoo's: Para Desins Celtic warrior light
Hair: EMO-tions Corvus IV black

Dress: The Plastik Summerlove Denali
Boots: Rublik Strap Stompers

Cuffs: UB Nightstalker Cuffs (can't find the shop anymore)
Necklace and earrings: Fusion Silver multi earrings and Cord cross multi necklace

ninjyastand 3 by hiko Nino


I finished my Steampunk hunt and here are a few pictures I took on 3 locations 
(I'll get details & SLurls later..)



Party @ The Muzik Stage
Dragana (on jukebox), Johnny Depp (on poster), Zoie, Penelope, Stephen, Tempest, Cats


Yesterday I was updating my profile when I received a TP. One of my Dutch friends saying: I'm getting married 12-2 are you coming? (the tp request was in Dutch of course). It was 2 minutes before 12. So, I dropped everything and hopped on the TP right away. Needless to say I was not wearing a gown or a dress, but at least I was kinda decent. And I was wearing my pink League granddad vest. :) I had a great time. Its good to see itsme and his Lucyly finally getting married, after being together for 3 years now.

Congrats to you both and thanks for letting me be there with you :)


Yes.. you see that right.. 
I'm back on the pods @ Demonic.

And while I was enjoying my first shift as a dancer again, some idiot gets in my IM and starts typing....

[01:20 PM]  sunset Alecto: eed a help to shake it?
[01:21 PM]  sunset Alecto: need
[01:27 PM]  sunset Alecto: heyy
[01:27 PM]  sunset Alecto: i'm talkin to u
[01:33 PM]  Cats Kornfeld: you are not talking to me you are insulting me
[01:33 PM]  Cats Kornfeld: so I am muting you now
[01:33 PM]  sunset Alecto: sorry
[01:33 PM]  sunset Alecto: c u loser
[01:33 PM]  sunset Alecto: lol

I seriously don't get it... But everything happens in 3's so this is my second mute this week - after a year of not muting anyone because I don't mute that easily. I guess I'll be waiting for the 3rd then.. :)
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Totally Zen... :)
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I was going to rant about lies people tell.. how liars project their uncertainties on others and much, much more.
But just now I decided against it. I'm too tired of all the lies, drama and other misery. I'm not going to rant, point fingers and accuse, because then I will be just as bad a person as all those who are. I cannot tell a lie if my life depends on it so maybe that's why I don't understand the need of some people to lie. So I just hang here. On the growing nose of the biggest liar of all times; my friend Pinocchio and I just feel sorry for those who seem to think lying is a necessity in life. Either RL or SL. 

I quit my hosting job at Sanctuary Rock. You will not find me there anymore.
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Hanging out with Penelope & Zoie, 2 of my BFF's
Thanx for making me smile gurls. <3 U