Yes, that pink little avi is me, having fun in the best rock club in SL: Demonic, no matter what others may say, think or dream to be. We have the best DJ's the best dancers and all that 24/7. 

But, seriously now. I think people who are throwing mud at previous clubs they worked for or people who still work for those clubs who are trying to discredit other clubs lack courtesy, or "posh". So I won't. I had some good times at some good clubs. And I miss some of it still. But throwing mud, calling people names, telling them they are idiots.. its all so easy. So I'm biting my tongue on this.  That's all I'm going to say about it. 

I love my Demonic family and being back feels like a warm bath to me. There will always be changes in staff, some DJ's and dancers might leave for reasons they seem right and they will be missed. Some won't be missed at all. And new staff will find its way to Demonic. Since yesterday we have 4 new DJ's and 2 new dancers. Even more good tunez and more fun.

My regular shifts here are Wednesday 12-2 am and Friday 10 am - 12 pm But you will see me on the pods whenever I can. Because dancing at Demonic is not "working";  it's having fun with friends and family :) So come on over when you feel like it and join the fun. 

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