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After some more cursing this morning I decided not to wait until the weekend. I broke up with Blogger and went to WP. Here is my new URL:

This blog will remain here for a while, although I did import all the posts from here into the WP-blog. 
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52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#17 Electric Lime

As much as I like lime and lavender in RL, in my SL I did not have a thread of lime in my inventory. So I went shopping and found these lime pants at Coco and I do like them. offcourse combined with a load of black :)

No SLurls today too. I'm pretty annoyed with Blogger, because I had to login 3 times before i could upload my picture. I think I will be moving my blog to WordPress over the weekend.
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085/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#16 teal

Okay.. I have decided to skip the 365/365 meme. This will be the last of those. I will continue the 52 weeks colour challenge, just because I like the challenge. This week it's teal and I immediately thought of my [rQ] hair. When I typed in "teal" in my inventory search it immediatley came up, as did this dress/top combo from Deviance. And since I haven't been wearing my AVZ-boots in a long time, I polished them too and added them to the outfit.

I took my picture at Free Photography Studio's. Lots of photostudio's with poses you can use just for free. I love it and certainly will use it more often.

Here are the details:

Skin: Illusory Paige deep tan - Stained B1
Tattoo: Para designs Celtic Warrior light 
Eyes: Poetic colors sunny glade 
Hair: [rQ] Crush - Onyx teal

Top: Deviance Flirtatious - teal 
Pants: SU! Lionight black
Boots: AVZ Wrapped boots black

Earrings: Fusion Multi Silver earrings 
Necklace:  Fusion Cord Cross Multi necklace 
Bracelets & rings: Mandala - Sinra

084/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#15 red

Dress: Poised Deal inc Red

083/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#14 Black

I have so many blacks, it was hard to pick an outfit. but here it is:

And Im still a lazy blogger: no LM's 

Skin: .Illusory Paige - deep tan
Hair: Truth Brooke - crow
Tattoo: Para design Celtic warrior - light
Nails: La Comtesse Gothic manicure skull (no LM)

outfit: dress, boots, arm & leg band, Rosary necklace and Rosary hand beads
Twisted & Spoiled Demon hunter Black

earrings: Fusion Multi - silver
rings: Mandala Sinra - black

082/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#13 Emerald

Skin: .Illusory Paige deep tan - Stained B1
Tattoo: Para Designs Celtic warrior - light
Hair: Truth Brooke - Crow
Dress & fischnet stockings: ED Gothica Emerald (Eclipse design - no LM available)
Boots: J's 3way Engineer boots
Earrings: Fusion Multi earrings - silver
Rings: Mandala Sinra - black
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081/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#12 Taupe

Another quicky:

hair: EMOtionsLUNA hair brown
dress: Linc: Petite snake taupe
socks: League: gartered socks Dull brown
boots: RG Bikers boots brown
earrings and necklace: Fusion
nails, bracelets & rings: Mandala - Sinra

Pose: KoumB


I have new pictures! Thank you soo much Alvena <3


My house is empty, I left my beach... I am a bit sad about it, but it will save me a lot of L$$.
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I am moving houses again. I rented a small cottage in the Covenstead sim to save more then L$2000 a fortnight. While I was moving furniture, my friend June came over for some Stitch and Bitch. She did the stitching, I did the bitching :)
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077/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#11 Indigo

For the Indigo-color chanllenge I went under water.. 

Skin: .Illusory - Paige deepTan B1
Hair: Buffy - Hard Black made by Kristel Wunderlich
Shape: Noirilicious - Jaded
Tattoo: Para designs Celtic Warrior light

Outfit:  Diving gear made by Felixx Shepherd

No links this week. I found the hair and outfit deep down in crannies and crooks of my inventory, no idea where I got them. Skin, shape and tattoo links can be found in previous posts :P


I don't like it in RL, but when I saw it in SL yesterday I almost choked in my drink. From laughing...  I mean - seriously -  what is it with having your pants on your knees?? Some statement I am not aware of?? I think I'm getting too old...
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075/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#10 Sienna

Pretty much straight forward today.. Sienna is not my colour and due to being broke in RL I did not want to spent too much L$$ on a new outfit. So I got the top from SC for only 50 L$, everything else was already in my inventory.

Skin: .Illusory - Paige deepTan B1
Hair: Deviant Kitties - Katie BrownFire
Shape: Noirilicious - Jaded
Tattoo: Para designs Celtic Warrior kight

Shirt: Surf Couture - Changing leaves sweater burnt
Pants: Canimal - Skinny jeans brown (Canimal is no longer in SL)
Boots: League - Asuka

pose: !Bang - How's that 1


Alvena made me shop at .ILLUSORY, so I went obediently. I found a new skin and I lubs it! I fell for Paige deep tan B1.

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073/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#9 Silver

Pictures are made by the incredible creative Miss Alvena Weezles

I'll write the credits as soon as I find the time for it. For now just a huge thank you to my best friend in both worlds. Thanks Alvie, I lubs you!

I should have noted the credits immediately, I know. Anyways.. skin, eyes and tattoo are pretty much the same as the Green picture so here are the credits for:

Hair: Sky Everett Disigns Lady Amitiel - silver
Dress: Klaxie style : Silver dress (no LM available)
Shoes: VDI Vanity designs Silver stilettos