055/365 (post 101)

Yes I know.. it's been a while but RL is too busy to post daily

I just popped in SL, made this snapshot and post it. No time to play...

BTW I saw this is my 101st post on this blog :)
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054/365 (&054a)

Today I've been trying to build something again after my potting table way back in the early days of my SL. Maybe I have a picture somewhere.. I'll let you know if I do.
I found a tutorial in my invent on how to make plants and I fiddled some pots around it. Fugly yes I know.. I'm just learning :p

The chair I'm sitting on is made by Tigo. He gave it to me to test sit and to tell the truth, it's very comfy. Only I did not like the blue fabric so I got my sewing machine out and made some new covers for it. Nice huh?

And in case you were wondering... yes its true. :D


Oh my, look who I ran into today?
Miss Darcy Finkler. I've known Darcy for as long as April 2009, maybe even longer. She has been playing RL way too long, but tonight we danced on my hud at Demonic for a while and did our catching up in IM's :) It was great talking to you again hun! I missed you.
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This is how it was on my new latest Cats' World:

And then I bought a new house and now it looks like this:

Not bad huh?
Here I'm blogging in my new house. I want this in RL too!

I will be blogging pictures from the interior as well, because my bff and the craziest woman in the whole world gave me 2 MudHoney designs vouchers to go shopping.. And boy did I shop :) Thnx Alve xXx


Tigo & Alve took me on a tandem ride over their land this morning.. 
It was awesome and we had sooooo much fun.. 


After a few very busy days IRL I'm back in SL to relax and have fun :)

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