I know I did one picture already today, but when I read this in the Alphaville Herald I could not resist:

meet Cats, July 2008 on the left, November 2010 on the right.

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065/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#4_Plum


Skin: Laq - Claudia2 Nougat 06 Glow skin
Tattoo: Para designs - Celtic Warrior light
Eyes: Poetic colors - sunny glade
Hair: EMO-tions - Fable black

Top: Aleida Ssese corset Plum
Pants: BeNoir - Reda capri plum
Armwarmers: Concrete Flowers - Seppel armwarmers purple
Luck inc - Fingertape
Shoes: PornStar - Xtra Hi-Tops multicolor v2

Earrings: Fusion - Multi Silver earrings
Necklace:  FlipSide - Jeweled pentagram
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Life can be good by just hanging out with friends :)


I promised some "corners of my house" and here is one:

Its in the hall, my weaving loom made by Philosofia Clary with weaving animation and my tree of life tapestry, made by Cierra Anatine 
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062/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#3_Goldenrod

I'm kinda busy the coming days so here is a quicky. I "cheated" a little, the pants are goldenrod, everything else is brown. But since yellow is just as much my color as blue (not) I did not feel like shopping, so here it is:

Hair: DK Callie - Ink Blonde
top:  League Hitch dress brown (top part)
pants: Cattiva e Cattivo Cargo shorts   
boots: Redgrave Girls' biker boots brown
Gloves: Paradises brown
Scarf: sey Afghan Stole paisley

061/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#2_Blue

So..ok.. Blue is not my color, but I did manage to get an acceptable outfit.. I think... 

Skin: Laq Claudia2 Nougat 06 Glow skin
Tattoo: Para designs Celtic Warrior light
Eyes: Poetic colors sunny glade
Hair: Little Heaven Eduard Black

Top: Wishbox Underbust Corset (tintable)
Bra: Deviance part of sexy secretary outfit black
Gloves: Paradises Pure black
Pants: Canimal Skinny jeans dk blue
Boots: Maitreya Bloom Blue

Earrings: Fusion Multi Silver earrings
Necklace:  Fusion Cord Cross Multi necklace
Bracelets: Kraftika Bracelet No 306
Ring: Ronsem Claddagh Ring


No, no, no.. Definitely NO....

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059/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#1_Grey

When I read about Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks Color Challenge, I simply _had_ to enter. I'm a sucker for challenges, so sue me, I can't resist. The 365/365 is probably going to be 365/gazillion years, but I'm still blogging :) So here it is; 2 birds with one stone: number 59 of the 365/gazillion challenge and week 1 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. 

Skin: Laq Claudia2 Nougat 06 Glow skin
Tattoo: Para designs Celtic Warrior light
Eyes: Poetic Colors Eyes Sunny Glade 
Hair: Reflect hair Jio grey
Nails: La Compesse Gothic manicure skull (aquired them in 2008, no LM anymore; sorry)

Top, skirt & socks are from of the League Grandad Thermals mix & match and the Thermal Sock Set (all color Lgrey form the Fatpack) 
Boots: Zero 0N Wo Boots Black

Earrings: Fusion Multi Silver earrings 
Necklace:  Fusion Cord Cross Multi necklace 
Bracelets: Kraftika Bracelet No 306 
Ring: Ronsem Claddagh Ring 
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This morning I was being bullied around on a pose stand again by Miss Alvena. Tigo was sitting on the wall, chipmunk DJing, looking on marketplace for glasses and making smart remarks. Who says guys can't multi task?
Alvena loves to take pictures and she is very good at it. You can see the results of this mornings "herassment" "harassment" on Tigo's & Alve's blog. :P 
(thanx Miss Alve for that correction, but you are not denying it :P) 
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Shapeless, skinless, eyeless.
But... with hair and boots! Thnx LL
It took a lot of work to become me again yesterday. WTG! 
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I got promoted to Demonic Vanguard today :))
And I spend Lindens on a new skin.
I'm sure Alvena will make better pictures of me soon, but here is a quick snapshot:

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