062/365 & 52_Weeks_Color_Challenge_#3_Goldenrod

I'm kinda busy the coming days so here is a quicky. I "cheated" a little, the pants are goldenrod, everything else is brown. But since yellow is just as much my color as blue (not) I did not feel like shopping, so here it is:

Hair: DK Callie - Ink Blonde
top:  League Hitch dress brown (top part)
pants: Cattiva e Cattivo Cargo shorts   
boots: Redgrave Girls' biker boots brown
Gloves: Paradises brown
Scarf: sey Afghan Stole paisley


Luna Jubilee said...

You look so cute up in the tree!! :)

Sjon Svenson said...

Have you ever tried -real- to climb a tree with heels like that?

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