Yes.. you see that right.. 
I'm back on the pods @ Demonic.

And while I was enjoying my first shift as a dancer again, some idiot gets in my IM and starts typing....

[01:20 PM]  sunset Alecto: eed a help to shake it?
[01:21 PM]  sunset Alecto: need
[01:27 PM]  sunset Alecto: heyy
[01:27 PM]  sunset Alecto: i'm talkin to u
[01:33 PM]  Cats Kornfeld: you are not talking to me you are insulting me
[01:33 PM]  Cats Kornfeld: so I am muting you now
[01:33 PM]  sunset Alecto: sorry
[01:33 PM]  sunset Alecto: c u loser
[01:33 PM]  sunset Alecto: lol

I seriously don't get it... But everything happens in 3's so this is my second mute this week - after a year of not muting anyone because I don't mute that easily. I guess I'll be waiting for the 3rd then.. :)
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