Do you think these come with something to stand on for the midgets.. or is it only the giants who needs to be captivated? :)

When I first came into SL I had a RL friend who showed me everything and learned me a lot. I do owe her for that. * start reading in a Ya-di-ya-di-ya tone* Then I got a SL-BF and her "jokes" weren't funny anymore and she violated our privacy arrangements and agreements like they were not meant for her, "because she was my friend, right?" Wrong! So I banned her from my land, and soon after that I moved out of her SL. I banned the BF from my SL too, but that's another story. :)* end of Ya-di-ya-di-ya..* 

Anyways. one thing she did tell me that in SL all avi's are 7' or taller. I went like WTF?? I refused to make my avi a "giant" as I called them and stayed as close as possible to my real 5'4. Cats is 5'6 I think. In edit appearance, the slider for body height is on 21. My friends know I'm the midget and there is nothing wrong with that. 
*** pokes everybody who starts saying that there is a lot wrong with being a midget, and STFU Tigo, don't even think about it... :P*** 

I did make my avi taller once, during an event in Sanctuary Rock, about a year ago. Trust me, that was scary. It is just not me, just like it is not me when I take off my tail and ears.

So I will stay my midgety self, and if necessary, I'll wear high heals.

The captivation thingy on the picture is in the Death Row Designs  sim.. and I forgot the get the Slurl.. :P


Alvie said...

pretty pictureeee!! <3

midgets will take over the world, just you wait, they're already invading SR :D

Tigo Volare said...

I didn't say fun-sized! :-D

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