I did not want to join the 365/365 blog meme I've seen around on blogs. But when Alvena & Tigo were complaining I did not update my blog I had to admit - reluctantly - that I stand corrected. I am a lazy blogger; I know. So I was thinking. Why do I update my RL blog (nope, no link here) more frequently then my SL blog? And it hit me. I'm into a lot of reading challenges, am a member of various communities and thus I have a lot to blog about, because people of those challenges visit my blog too, and I visit them back. It's part of the bloggoverse.

So in order to have that "stick behind the door" thingy. I'm doing the 365/365 thing. I will prolly skip a day here and there, but I will try to blog every day :) And today is a good start. Tigo and Alvena were bullying me around yesterday, because I wanted a new profile picture. I'll show you the 4 they made (each gave me 2 to pick from) and I guess you'll have to check my profile to see which I picked. Maybe you can guess who made which. No prices just fun. :)

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Mayala Loon said...

woooohoooo ... Cats in the 365 ... I love that ... and I'll poke you if you stop ... *grins*
I'd have chosen the last pic ... now I go and look for your profile ... ;-)

Tempest Levenque said...

you look so purdy =) dunno which I would choose - 2 maybe?

Alvie said...


See Mayala has good taste :D

Mayala Loon said...

*grins* ... sure I have ;-P

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