I'm back :) Flu got me hard but I survived :) I'm so happy, I really missed SL, and even Tigo and his silly dances.

This morning I was at Demonic where Alvena was spinning us round and round, T made me do all the silly dances again and... I have no idea what that giant-guy is doing there.

Gods gift to men and women was there too, but he had to announce really loud that he was taken so sorry for all of us. T. told him nobody was interested in him anyway, so no need to shout right? Then he told some guy that if he was gay he would "do" him. Tigo told him again that really NOBODY was interested.. I ignored the pathetic guy after that and continued to talk Tigo out of his pants.. Not for him, trust me. He is Alve's love of her life and I'm not interfering.. no I want the pants. If I make them just a little slimmer and cut half of the legs I'm sure it would fit perfectly :) But alas.. so far no luck. maybe next time.


Mayala Loon said...

Welcome back, CatsSsSsSs ;-)))) ... *hugs*

Tigo Volare said...

its actually the first time someone tried to talk me OUT of my pants, usually they try to talk me back into them :0 ok anyways
AMERIE-M - 2.k.o.F_Pants(Monoclome)M
M stands for MALE ok! (creator is Amerie Spitteler, go look her up, her shop is awesome)

And welcome back kitty!!!

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