014 and 015/365

SoooooooOkay.. I was kinda busy yesterday. After Alvena's shift at SAnctuary I TP'ed home, RL kicked in and I totally forgot to post picture 014. So here they are in one post.

So this was keeping me from SL yesterday.. The first season True Blood. It made me stay up till 1 am and this morning we finished it. 

When I logged in this evening to see what my event will be tomorrow I started practising a bit :)
So here you go 14 and 15 :)
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Tempest Levenque said...

wth is your event? lmao

Mayala Loon said...

I wanna have a hop event tooooooooooo ;-)

Alvie said...

cheater! and you didnt even say byebye to me! cries :(((((

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