Look mum, no hands! :)
It went very well and I think I will be "wearing" my pogo ball more often :)

What started out as a "slow" event turned out to be a real blast. The second hour more ppl TP-ed in the club and I had 13 voters in my  nawti-box. Something I did not expect. Maybe it was the pogo ball, maybe it was the cookies, but it went great. Except that the 2 leading men (the #1 and #2) both did not vote. The other males all had only 1 point. So I decided to let the 2 females on top with an equal amount of points win the event. Fairs is fair: "You snooze: You'll loose" So if you think "I want cookies too...", come to Sanctuary Rock. I'll be hosting and presenting cookies to my voters on Monday & Wednesday from 10 am till 12 pm.

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