022 & 023/365

See.. weekend again.. no time to post so here is another double take :)

On Saturday I pay my tier. It's very easy and I love the way its arranged: I get a warning my tier is due in a certain amount of time and then I go here and pay the screen thingy I'm standing next to. For some reason I always pick number 3 of the 5 I can choose from.

Saturday morning is Sanctuary Rock time. Mostly I dance but yesterday I was a little late so Twilight took my place. I stayed anyway to listen to Alvena's tunes and gossip with Tigo about this "eye-candy" who should be called zeman ( zebra-man) I wonder if he is wearing undies like his tattoo but I'm guessing he is wearing his tattoo as a pants layer so it will be shown over your undies, instead of on your skin.

Speaking of skin, I was showing some myself.

When Mayala crashed, she said it was because she was taking a picture from me for her July slide.
I was too hot, she claimed *lol*

Anyways.. this is it.. Tomorrow I'll be hosting the 10 am event, I'll hope to see you there :) 
Take Care,
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Mayala Loon said...

my cam is still burning from that shot ...
*grins and hugs the kitteh*

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