Miss Alvena sent me to the Summer of Love Fair this morning and now I'm broke.. yet again. I did get some lovely dresses and some nice items for my house. I also saw some great items not for sale at the fair, but after an 'inspect' I found the creators and hence their shops. 

In the RC-Cluster Mainstore in Salchicha Harbor I found some stilts.. I tried them on and TP'ed to Sanctuary Rock to see if I found a friend.. a GIANT friend - well most of my friends are giants anyway - and I saw Joppem Tulip standing there.. I went standing next to him and honestly, the guy is still taller then me, even with my stilts. Would you look at that:

My stilts come in various colours and they are awesome. Dancing on my hud is weird, cozz the stilts vanish in the floor, but tonight I will be hosting another accessories event, so I'll be flying & dancing and I tried that out; that works. 

Like I said I got some nice new outfits, a gun-bra (yup, no jokes here, its a bra with guns...) and some furniture.. I will take pictures and show them soon. Now I have to get my note card ready, adjust my gestures for my 10:00 am - 12:00 pm SLT shift and after that get some RL things done.

Bye for now
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Tigo Volare said...

Rofl @ that picture
Alve and I decided to make our av's a wee bit bigger, because we really do feel like midgets compared to most people in SL. But now it feels huge! lol it's funny how size matters sometimes :-D
I love the stilts!

Anonymous said...

Cute stilts! Never realized just how tall Joppem really is. LOL

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