Shrinking, growing, red, white and blue fun

Today I humped on Noodle Xi's chim after he kicked me in the back a few times. Dancing in sync is much more safer for Midgets I found out :) Noodle found out how "small" I am in SL. I, however keep telling people I'm fun sized and they are all giants, but nevertheless.

So he thought to "feel" what is was to be a midget like me and see here:

I went like EEEEeeeeeeew! thats scary! Lucky for me he got back to his normal giant size, after I told him to do so. (lol)

A few minutes later Miss Alvena slapped his back too and we went all red white and blue.. sort of :)

Anyways I had - yet again - a blast in Sanctuary Rock, almost spit my drinks on the screen again several times and went to bed way too late.

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