Unemployed @ SL

Today I quit my jobs at CrusFX...

I decided to only quit my managing jobs, but then got in some heated argument with one of the assistent managers and I decided thats it, I quit. I've been working my ass of last week to help the club as much as I could, and still he managed to tell me he was doing half my job...

I dont like that, not when I spend every SL-second in the club, hosting more shifts then I usually do, asking hosts to help out, IM them, making the dailey every day, with all alternations... while paying L$2200 per week for my island and not being able to spend any time on it. So I left.. and for the record, I'm so pissed, I will never ever set foot in that place again..

So.. I'm out of a job, unemployed so to speak *lol* but, no worries, I will find a new one, coss there is just 1 thing I'm absolutely sure of: I am a hell of a host, one of the best there is in SL :)

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Mayala Loon said...

you definately are ... Cats !!!

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