Being single again..

Today I broke up my partnership with Timo.

I did love him, but his RL and my RL just don't get into sync. And when I have a partner in SL, I need us to be together in SL... why else should you partner in SL right?

If RL does not allow that then its better to not have a partner in SL, no matter how much love there is, to love someone, you have to be with someone.

And as all my friends know, RL always comes first.. no matter what.

Goodbye my love, you could always have a little place in my heart.
At least you did.. until you turned against me... Isn't it funny that the people who say they have no tolerance on drama, turn out to be the biggest drama queens of SL???

Well have fun in your second life my love, I know I will... Lots of fun, to the moon and back. X)

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