Update edition

Ok, I know I promised pictures from my new island, and I will show them, but its a lot of work to get some decent ones and I also need to take some new ones. Eventually they will show up, but now I have some pose ball fun pictures.

My friend Linde helped me out with one of my dances I have on my island. We danced and had fun :)
Dancing 'worship'

Also since Ray is no longer with me (he is lost in the SL here-after) I was looking for something to chill on, like a floating bed or something, on the water he used to live in. I did find some things but im not sure if I really like it. Linde helped me out again.

I did not buy either of the above floating thingies, haven't made up my mind about it yet
After all the pose ball fun, we talked a while and were catching up. It was a great day spent with a great friend :)
More news:
I have finished the twisted hunt and I'm a 'hunt-junkie' now. I had so much fun, and its a great way of getting very high quality freebies. I have 100 gifts to unwrap and even so much stores to re-visit. :)
On the job-area:
I quit hosting @ Paradise Found for personal reasons.
Yesterday I made a promotion at CrusFX. I'm now the Assistent Host Manager. So far I like it very much, there is a lot to be done, since CrusFX will change to even-hour-events. But I like it a lot. And I'm still hosting my 4 shifts a week and making the dailey feeds.

And as far as Timo and I are concerned: our love grows stronger and stronger every day. I love that guy so much :)

Thats it for now, I keep you posted.

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