Girlband @ Sanctuary rock

We had a lot of fun last night at Sanctuary Rock. When Tempest and Rudh were dancing together, I joined Tempests chim and then she started talking we looked like Bananarama. Soon Contessa joined us and we became The Spice Girls.. or not? I decided against Cats Chorus, 'coss Temp was the tallest and she is bossy, she should be band leader, as she is also the leader of the Brit Army. *grins*

After a while Sorvena joid us too and then we became a girlband of 5. RL bands keep loosing their members, we were a growing band :)

Anyway, I know Temp was making pictures too, so keep an eye on her blog too. I bet you can read more about it, and also about this whole Brit-army-thingy she has going on. :)

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Mayala Loon said...

Wooohoooo ... a slide on this blog ... a very cool and rocking one ...
hope this girlie band is still on when I'm back to SL and Sanct in a while ...
cya ... *hugs*

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