Jello'ed @ Sanctuary Rock

Yesterday we had a Red event at Sanctuary Rock.

Joppem showed up as a Harry-Potter-look-a-like complete with a huge Hedwig. After some "Expectum Patronum" spells he turned jello. Literally.

I was dancing near him and all of a sudden I found myself totally covered with the sticky stuff.

I blame Tempest, she asked Jopp whether he tought if I would totally disappear when he would dance closer to me.. And I did.


Talismere said...

Haha that's so Joppem xD
Thank you for your words *huggles* It's just one of these moments I have lol, I'll shrug it all off soon :)

Alvena Weezles said...

oh noes..cats got jello'd!! nuuuuuuuu~!

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