Dreaming my dreams...

While I was hunting the Second Life Discovery Hunt I TP-ed in this place that kept me there for almost an hour. I found the item to be found pretty quickly, but OMg what an awsome place.
When you can, go have a look at the Shabby Sheek Shed Co. at Etheria. Lots a very nice and very awsome sheds and green houses.

When I saw this green house I knew I wanted it. So I came back several times and today I bought one. This one:

I also made my first build: - not counting the rock I made once - a potting table. I quit like it, for a first it's not that bad :)

So after remodeling my land, preparing the soil I sat on my deck and started dreaming about lots and lots of plants.

I guess this is a nice view while dreaming my dreams :)

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