Hunt hunt hunt...

While I'm hunting my way through the SL Discovery hunt (571 places to visit, 571 gifts to find) I stumbled on this cool mall on Sterling Heights On that mall is shop #422 from the SL Discovery, called Cosmo Chic and there is a Spring Fling mall Hunt. 100 boxes to be found. I could not resist and spend over an hour on that place, hunting boxes, looking at shops and uhm.. okay buying shoes and outfits :)

And now I'm kinda busy unpacking my 100 gifts and OMG what a lot of nice gifts there are. Look at me with the first 17 boxes:

So if you see me IW and I'm not responding right away.. I'm either hunting or unpacking. I love the hunts and its a great way of finding new and interesting places. I'd recommend it to anyone. Join a hunt :)

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Alvena Weezles said...

yay~! a fellow hunt lover~! :D

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