Conversatons with Machine Person and The Lighthouse

I went to JD's Steampunk shop the other day and met Machine Person. He/she/it is located next to the entrance (SLURL) and has a very well organized inventory. Although it says its not.

But as you can see, its pretty organized, but with only 18 items in it, that aint so hard. When you click on one of the pictures, machine Person rummages in the invent and wil put on what you asked, meanwhile chatting lines like:

[5:46] Machine Person: Natur Leather with pants and shirt...decent decision.
[5:46] Machine Person: Ta-da! Not yet. :)
[5:46] Machine Person: Hold on, please. I need a bit more time to change clothes.
[5:46] Machine Person: You should see my inventory, it's really messy.

[5:56] Machine Person: ~JD~ MTF Rouge-Pearl Gown...good selection
[5:56] Machine Person: Hmm... let's see.
[5:56] Machine Person: Hold on, please. My inventory is a mess.
[5:56] Machine Person: Would you turn away while I'm dressing? Ha-ha it was a joke, sorry.

It's realy funny to see and a great way of showing products before you buy.

I'm a great fan of Jenne Dibou and her ~JD~ creations. I have several items from her and I'm thinking of buying her lighthouse. My treehouse is still very nice, but I feel I need a change on my land and the lighthouse is awsome. You can see more pictures at XstreetSL, but this is one I took in world:

Its realy awsome, great details, and less prims than my treehouse. I keep you posted. :)

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