New Blog, updated message Happy 2009!

I posted this on january 15th, on my old blog. Today I decided to move to Blogger, because its better and I don't blog in dutch anymore, so no need to have my blog hosted on a dutch website.

Happy 2009! Be careful what you wish for, my wish for you is to let all your wishes come true.

In the past few months I've seen lots of nice places, discovered some very nice shops and met some new people.I was working on a new look and finally found what I really liked, so here is the new me:

I'm still very much addicted to hair, so that will probably change by the hour :)

And yes, a new job. I quit dancing at Sanctuary Rock for a few reasons, but I don't see any reason to publish them here. They are known by those who must and that's it. I started working as a host at CrusFX! "The Absolute Authority in Rock/Metal clubs.

Yesterday I was hosting my second event there, the candy event. My friend Callie Carr was DJing.. and look at her being candy:

The very good looking guy behind her is the sexy Bailian Carver :) I told Callie it was weird, her being smaller than me, because usually she looks al georgious and LEGS, yes LEGS in capitals :).
Anyway, come check us out at CrusFX.. here is the SLurl.

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